About Us

Wheat-HarvestThe Montana Food Economy Initiative was brought to life by several organizations across western Montana that are working to improve our food system. The Initiative aims to support sustainable agriculture and rural communities in Montana.

Montana ranks in the top 10 in the US for local food production and consumption, but there are still barriers to overcome.  The best place to start is to learn from each other and work together to develop farm to table systems, including production, processing, and distribution.

About AERO

AERO (Alternative Energy Resources Organization) is a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to solutions that promote resource conservation and local economic vitality.  AERO nurtures individual and community self-reliance through programs that support sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and environmental quality.

AERO also manages the Abundant Montana Directory, which is a comprehensive directoryAero AM RGB of all of Montana’s sustainable agriculture, local food, Farmers’ Markets, Community Gardens, and Agritourism opportunities.  AERO is the primary developer of the Montana Food Economy Initiative, and coordination is currently housed and overseen by staff in Helena.  Please direct any questions or concerns to 406-443-7272 or [email protected].



The following organizations were instrumental in founding MFEI, and ensure that our work stays current and everyone has a seat at the table:


CFACThe Community Food & Agriculture Coalition (CFAC) develops and strengthens Missoula County’s food system and that of the surrounding region by promoting sustainable agriculture, building regional self-reliance, assuring that all have equal access to nutritious, affordable and culturally appropriate food, and advocating for local, state and national policies that promote our local food system. CFAC has been a primary partner organization in the development of the Montana Food Economy Initiative in order to support farmers and the growth of our regional food system.


LCCDCLake County Community Development Corporation (LCCDC) is a business and economic development nonprofit based in Ronan.  LCCDC is the umbrella organization to the Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center, one of Montana’s Food and Agriculture Development Centers and the only FDA, USDA, and organic compliant processing facility on the western side of the state.  LCCDC has been a primary partner organization in the development of the Montana Food Economy Initiative in order to support farm and food businesses and their growth.